as a Service.

Combining modern technical solutions to provide businesses with understandable and actionable energy consumption information.

10 - 40%

Electricity Savings

120 min

Setup Time

3 year

Breakeven Period

Energy consumption simplified.

Kilowatt-hours and monthly billing aren’t the end of the story.

Know exactly how much money you are spending on electricity bills per day, week, month or in real-time.

Understanding through usage breakdowns.

Knowing the overall consumption only gets you so far.

Discover how you are using electricity, which devices or areas are using the most and where you can reduce waste.

Businesses taking control over their energy usage.

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FAQs for Businesses

EnergyTrack goes beyond traditional smart meters by not only measuring energy usage but also providing actionable insights. Our platform allows you to monitor energy consumption in real-time and offers personalised recommendations to reduce your energy footprint.

On average, our users report a 10-40% reduction in energy consumption. The actual savings can vary depending on your usage patterns and the energy-efficiency measures you implement.

The typical break-even period for our solution is between 24 to 36 months. This can vary based on your current energy costs and how actively you engage with our energy-saving recommendations.

EnergyTrack is designed for offices, gastronomy, retail and production businesses looking to make informed decisions about their energy usage. It’s particularly useful for organisations with multiple locations or complex energy needs.

Setting up EnergyTrack is simple and usually takes less than two hours. Our team provides full installation support, and the system starts collecting data immediately upon setup.

Besides cost savings, EnergyTrack helps you with cost prediction of bills, identification of malfunctioning or high usage devices, create usage reports which help with green certification, and building employee awareness towards sustainable activities, contributing to sustainability goals. Our platform also offers features like alerts for your electrical systems, for example if the ventilation system is left on during the weekend.

We calculate energy savings based on your historical energy consumption data and the efficiency measures you’ve implemented. Our platform provides a detailed breakdown, making it easy to track your progress.

Absolutely, data security is a top priority for us. All data is encrypted and stored in secure cloud servers, compliant with GDPR and other privacy regulations.